Ciara Griffin: Refereeing inconsistencies causing extra frustration at Rugby World Cup

Ciara Griffin: Refereeing inconsistencies causing extra frustration at Rugby World Cup

The tournament burst into life with a thrilling first round that showcased the skill, and unpredictability of the Rugby World Cup. One of the most remarkable features was the emergence of underdog teams making a statement. 

Fiji, known for their free-flowing style of rugby, lived up to their reputation with a thrilling performance against Wales. Although they didn’t secure a win, their attacking prowess and flair captured the hearts of rugby fans worldwide. It’s clear that Fiji possesses the potential to upset more established teams in the competition.

While underdogs made headlines, Round One also saw the heat and humidity pose challenges for both players and post-match recovery. The intense heat made running, tackling, and decision-making more arduous, leading to rapid fatigue and dehydration. High humidity levels further compounded the difficulties, hindering the body’s ability to cool down effectively. This challenging climate necessitates careful preparation, hydration strategies, and recovery protocols for teams to maintain peak performance throughout the tournament. Players and coaches will need to adapt and ensure they are well-prepared for the demanding conditions.

The lack of refereeing consistency in the opening weekend of games also emerged as a contentious issue that threatens to frustrate teams and impact the overall integrity of the tournament. Refereeing decisions play a pivotal role in the outcome of rugby matches, and when inconsisten

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