Tom Bedford: Rugby, just like politics, is facing daunting challenges

Tom Bedford: Rugby, just like politics, is facing daunting challenges

Former Springbok captain Tom Bedford reflects on the state of South African rugby amid political and financial turmoil. He examines the impact of 3src years of ANC governance, the formation of a new Government of National Unity, and the influence of Jacob Zuma in KZN. Bedford critiques the professionalization of rugby, highlighting financial struggles and player discontent across nations, including New Zealand and Wales. He underscores the necessity of fundraising matches, such as the upcoming game between Wales and South Africa, to sustain rugby’s future amidst its commercial challenges.

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By Tom Bedford*

It seems rather cock-eyed to be concerned about the state of rugby generally when, for South Africans, there is the so much more important matter concerning whether or how the composition of the new Government of National Unity might work?    In view of the disparate ideologies of its constituent political parties following 3src years of mostly disastrous ANC governance, let alone Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet drawn from these parties, what state will the country be in for in the next 5 years?     More worrying though is how the governance of KZN, the most populous of our Provinces, is going to weather these political storms where, with the influence of Jacob Zuma, in just six months he acquired additional status and further influence at the expense of the ANC and the country as the establishment of his uMkhonto Party swept the elect

…. to be continued
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